Why Hema Travel

Hema Travel was founded in 1996 by Mr HKSD De Alwis with the experience of chauffer guide. I offer tailor made tour as your choice with our gain of professional experience. Our long term experience will provide you with the highest possible levels of personal service and taking care of all their travel requirements.

I mainly provide responsible transport services on comfortable vehicles, chauffer guides or national guides with experience drivers in fully insured for all of our guests.

Chauffeur tourist guide lecturer identity card issued by Cylon Tourist Bard for Mr Alwis Mr Alwis's all island tourist ID of Sri Lanka

Full Name:   Habaggala Kankanamge Sama Devappriya De Alwis
Address:   No. 38 Aluthgama
Area of Operation:   All Island
N.I.D No:   630273803v
Date:   02.06.83

I have many returning customers who came as guests and left as friends